Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Year In Review Continued

This is Robbie in interview prep mode. Poor kid. His interviews are so much harder than mine ever were! For me, it was all fit questions and behavorial stuff. For him, you ask? Tell me about a recent merger & acquisition you have been following. What is beta? What is the WACC? Walk me through how you would value the UTA Trax system. What is the effect of depreciation on all three financial statements? Ick. He literally has hundreds of pages of guides, practice questions, and suggested answers printed out. Not to mention all the flashcards he totes around for those extra moments of study - waiting for a haircut, sitting at a stoplight, riding Trax to class. That kid is such a hard worker, it will absolutely pay off. I think it was the Dean of the Business School who said that students should be spending 20 hours each week on preparation and job-finding, and Robbie has really taken that to heart.

And this is my Valentine's Day adventure! I think it turned out :)


  1. YAHOO!!! You're back! Love the background, love the Valentines table, and I feel really bad for Robbie... it kind of makes me feel overwhelmed just reading about it. If anyone can do it, he can. Good luck!!

  2. Yeah for posting!! I was super happy to see that you've taken that first step... and during busy season. Good job to you! I really feel bad for Robbie too. That must be so difficult and overwhelming. Just as Katie said (who I don't know) "if anyone can do it, he can." And I like the new decorations too! Good luck to you both.