Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Year In Review Continued

This is Robbie in interview prep mode. Poor kid. His interviews are so much harder than mine ever were! For me, it was all fit questions and behavorial stuff. For him, you ask? Tell me about a recent merger & acquisition you have been following. What is beta? What is the WACC? Walk me through how you would value the UTA Trax system. What is the effect of depreciation on all three financial statements? Ick. He literally has hundreds of pages of guides, practice questions, and suggested answers printed out. Not to mention all the flashcards he totes around for those extra moments of study - waiting for a haircut, sitting at a stoplight, riding Trax to class. That kid is such a hard worker, it will absolutely pay off. I think it was the Dean of the Business School who said that students should be spending 20 hours each week on preparation and job-finding, and Robbie has really taken that to heart.

And this is my Valentine's Day adventure! I think it turned out :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Year In Review

Can you believe it's been a year? Robbie started our blog off with a roar, and I clearly dropped the ball. I've been reminding myself to update our blog for 13 months now, yet somehow I still let 13 months pass... But nevermind how we got here, let's just give you the update.

Kenya! What an incredible trip. Honestly, "trip" is not the word, adventure is more like it. We spent six weeks in Taru Village having the time of our lives. I'll give you a few pictures for now, and hope to juice it up with some stories later. let's hope it doesn't take another 13 months.

Within just a few weeks of coming home, we bought a house! I never imagined I would own a house so young. That is something old married people do...but, I guess that just means we are old and married :) I have been slowly trying to decorate our place (it's not as easy as it looks!) A recent addition is my paper wreath experiment:

Next comes Jordan's wedding. And I just realized I don't have a picture with the Bride in it, haha, sorry Jess!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy Season

The honeymoon and cute thoughts of never ending fun and hanging out has officially come to an end. It's 11:30 on tuesday night and Ali has no signs of slowing down at work. It's Tuesday, the second day of busy season for my little auditor and she has already put in about 30 hours. in the mean time i am sweating in Ali's slippers i endlessly researched before christmas. I went to school for 7 hours, worked for 5, and done most of my homework for the week and now i am creating a blog because i have nothing to do.... i actually do, but no one likes to do stuff ALL day.
I don't think any one will ever even read this, but it's a nice little way for me to try and put into words the serious pangs of gratitude as i have felt as i have seen the intense generosity and kindness of so many people i love dearly. The last month has been so hard for me as i have been the benefactor of so much kindness. Getting married is supposed to be about the bride and as the groom i have gleaned a lot of the benefits from that. People are SO generous. People i have never even heard of sent us checks or gifts because they love our parents or knew us when we were little. Siblings have given three and four wedding gifts and not cheap ones either. It is actually frustrating that all i can do to thank someone is give them a hug and just whisper to them how much i love them.
(update on the wife, she is sending me to bed because she expects they will be there more than another hour. that lands her home just after 1 AM. (take note future accountants)
I suppose i will go to bed, but thank you so much to everyone who had any part in our wedding. we can probably never thank you enough, but we love you.